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You want a sustainable future for your business and your community. 

We want that too.

Cohort Opportunity Overview

The Collingwood Climate Action Team and other stakeholders in Southern Georgian Bay have teamed up with the national non-profit Green Economy Canada to offer this unique cohort opportunity. This opportunity will allow businesses and organisations in the region to advance their greening efforts. 

The Collingwood Climate Action Team, is a non-profit charity working with local communities to reduce climate pollution and move toward safer and healthier living practices. 

Run by Green Economy Canada, the cohort pilot program will run two cohorts (fall 2024 and winter 2025) until the end of 2025. Once the pilot is complete, the goal would be to become one of the many locally led Green Economy Hubs based in communities across Canada. Supported by Green Economy Canada, this hub network allows local initiatives to tap into a broad range of experience and information. 


Together, Green Economy Canada and its associated hubs are demonstrating a more sustainable economy is possible.  

How it Works

When you join the cohort your business becomes a part of a vibrant network of local organisations committed to mitigating their environmental impact. 

With the leadership of Green Economy Canada, our pilot program will provide guidance and assistance as you work towards reaching your goals. 

Two Options to Suit Your Needs

Insight Track

An introductory option for those who want to focus on measuring their carbon footprint to lay the foundation for future efforts.

Lead Track

Designed for organisations who are or aspire to be sustainability leaders. It provides in-depth support to measure & track your carbon footprint, set reduction targets, develop & implement action plans, and more. 

Member Benefits

Lower operational costs | Strengthen your brand | Mitigate risks & costs related to climate change | Attract customers & clients | Attract & retain employees | Prepare for funding opportunities

Reporting & Resources

Tools to track, measure, & report. Resources to engage your team.

Support & Education

Support to plan & implement actions. Access to resources, best practices, & experts.

Events & Recognition

Networking, learning events, & workshops. Celebration of your achievements and profiles in reports, media, and through Green Economy Canada's network.


Green Economy Canada

Green Economy Canada is a national non-profit accelerating Canada's transition to a vibrant and inclusive net-zero future. 

Learn more here.

I'm Interested

Make a sustainable difference in your company and your community. Learn more about our next cohort and get in touch to join the movement today!


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