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Community Carbon Footprint Challenge

Discover your carbon footprint in less than five minutes!

Learn what your footprint is

You can't manage what you don't measure. - Project Neutral

Measuring your carbon footprint will help you understand where it comes from. Having this information is the first step towards taking climate action. 

Through the energy you use in your home, fuel, food, services and more, this accounts for your footprint (the sum total of your greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions). In just five minutes or less you'll see what your household climate impact is from Project Neutral's short survey.  You'll be asked questions about your home energy, transportation, travel, waste, and food choices. 

After completing the survey we encourage you to join a community team. Working together as a community helps us see what actions are making a difference for others. Plus, updating your household or community footprint on an annual basis will show us the progress we can achieve together. 

Our goal is to make positive, lasting change and put us on the path to a more healthy, resilient and sustainable community and region. 

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