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Our Programs

Community Carbon Footprint Challenge

Discover your carbon footprint in less than five minutes!

We've teamed up with Project Neutral to help you learn how many tonnes of climate pollution come from your household activity. 

Understanding where your carbon footprint comes from can help you make a difference. You'll answer questions about your home energy, daily transportation, air travel, waste, and food choices.

Join us and your community in the challenge!

Climate Cafes

This is a space where you share your feelings about the climate and ecological crisis. It is a thinking and feeling space, a haven from busyness and isolation. Come as you are, and share as much or as little as you’re comfortable with.

The café is organized and supported by Collingwood Climate Action Team and inspired by the work from Climate Psychology Alliance. 


We will be hosting both in person and online opportunities to meet for a Café conversation.

​Sound like something you want to try?

Team Meeting

Carbon Conversations

Our flagship program of five sessions encourages you to explore the relationship between your life and climate change and helps you work with the complex emotions that make it difficult to act. 

We do this through facilitated group sessions of 1.5 hours in length. In each session, you explore a new way climate change relates to your life. 

Online Meeting
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