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Cultivate Hope: Support Our Climate Cafés

Help us provide the Climate Cafe program to our community; where thoughts and feelings are shared in a safe space.


Your donation will aid our work to support individuals in expressing emotions surrounding the climate crisis, and in turn, build a more resilient community.

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"I was surprised by how much I really enjoyed the experience; there is something unique about sharing emotions with total strangers!"

Why Climate Cafés?

Complex Emotions

We increasingly need to talk about what our changing world means for us in terms of impacts at personal, family and societal level. We need a space to imagine it, & share complex feelings which may be taboo or hard to talk about.

Support Structure

With enough support structures in place, most people can sustain challenging feelings. A climate cafe aims to be this support structure. 

Community Resilience

When expressing emotions constructively and receiving the help they need, individuals will regain a sense of control over the situation, which in turn helps them be more resilient.

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Help us get to the heart of grassroots efforts through local action, community building, and creating a ripple effect of positive change.

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