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Attend a Climate Café

A place to share your feelings about the climate and ecological crisis.

Next Cafe: Thursday April 11th at 7:00 pm

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About CCAT

The Collingwood Climate Action Team emerges as the storytellers of a fresh climate narrative. We understand that climate change transcends political debates; it is a matter of science. Our planet stands at the precipice of danger, necessitating immediate action. It is our collective responsibility to harness every ounce of our potential to minimize our environmental footprint. Amidst the peril, hope and solutions abound, and we welcome your support, whether you are just starting the carbon conversation or an ardent environmental advocate. Together, there is an abundance of transformative actions we can undertake!


Upcoming Events


Volunteering with our team allows you to directly contribute to efforts aimed at protecting our planet. Be a part of the solution in an impactful way. No minimum requirement needed.


Your donations power our critical work in advocacy, programs, community engagement and more. Every contribution matters and brings us closer to a sustainable future.


Take less than 5 minutes today and take immediate climate action through signing a petition, writing a letter to government or measure your carbon footprint. 

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