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Achieving Sustainability Through a Greener Economy

Friday October 27th at the Marsh Centre in Clarksburg

The Institute of Southern Georgian Bay
held its fifth session on the theme of sustainability and green economy.

Since 2021, it has been a journey - introducing the concept, learning from others who've implemented it, and culminating in this event focused on collaborative efforts to create it within our region. 

There were two panels at the event: one delving into the ongoing actions of our local climate action teams and municipal government efforts, and the other dedicated to learning about current initiatives taken by businesses. 

Next, we rolled up our sleeves and considered how to envision implementing a greener economy concept through a collaborative approach. More than 70 individuals, including citizens, politicians, businesses, non-profits, and philanthropists, came together to learn collectively. As a result, we emerged with approximately five significant ideas for collaborative initiatives.

The Collingwood Climate Action Team has been a committed partner from the start and we look forward to continuing the journey of bringing our local economy and businesses into the way forward for a sustainable and resilient green community.

Even though you may have missed the sold out event, it was filmed and you will find the results posted soon on the The Institute’s website.  You can also sign up for their newsletter to stay current with their work, as we continue to make our way towards Low Carbon Living.

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